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With more than 10 years combined sales experience we buy and sell new retail hardware equipment as well as refurbished equipment. We provide you with the highest value for your IT assets of that of your clients. Nowadays the traditional OEM channel does not offer a fair market price when you are trading in or selling pre-owned equipment.

BE Networks its pricing can be anywhere between 40-70% less than the manufacturers. We acquire our new and refurbished or used inventory through surplus purchases and IT liquidation scenarios which gives us the price advantage over the traditional OEM channel.

Be Networks Asset Recovery programs are designed for companies that want to maximize the return on their excess equipment. We offer a variety of solutions towards our customers such as:

* Trade in solutions
* Storage of excess equipment
* Cash back

We can easily change these programs to your needs. We help you to maximize your recovery while minimizing your expenses and simplifying your processes by taking care of recovery, logistics and cleaning data of used routers, switches, access servers, pc’s and laptop parks.

* We will perform a complete inventory and audit for you
* We will test, clean and wipe the equipment
* And this at no initial cost for you

The costs of warehousing, testing, refurbishing, packing and shipping is taken from our share, so your accounting is simplified. The process could not be simpler!

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Be Networks is in the process of acquiring the WEEE and RoHS registration and certification Information on the implementation of the regulation of the European electronics law, WEEE directive (2002/96/EG) and the RoHS guideline (2005/95/EG)

BE Networks is offering leasing of technology, multiple solutions of leasing solutions for both new and pre-owned hardware. Leasing your IT hardware through BE Networks allows you to conserve your budget and treat hardware as an operating expense.

Why Lease?

Computer leasing provides excellent price/performance benefits, such as:
* Expense 100% of the cost over the term of the lease
* Finance the project and pay as you go
* Take advantage of off-balance sheet financing
* Improve your financial ratios
* Gain cash flow benefits

If ownership is the ultimate objective but you want to protect your cash flow, Be Networks offers competitive IT leasing packages. Our rates are competitive and we offer a variety of flexible options designed to meet your needs.

Our staff can repair your equipment in our repair center in Zaventem. Our engineers are well trained and highly skilled to repair your equipment from power supplies to whole systems.

Need more information of our repair options for your hardware?

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